Our Expert Staff

A group of doctors and nurses posing for a picture.
  • Dr. Thomas T. Pham
  • Dr. Stephen Shoemaker
  • Dr. Brad Strong
  • Dr. Kyle Crawshaw
  • Dr. Michael Savage
  • Dr. Nicolas Maxim
  • Dr. Molly Francis
  • Dr. Jeenah Yoo
  • Dr. Jeenah Yoo
  • Dr. Yong Song
  • Dr. Amy Wang
  • Dr. Fatemah Ahmadian
  • Dr. Anna Schwam
  • Dr. Leo Choti
  • Dr. Jee Young Han

The EmergencyToothDoctor.com

We believe that The Emergency Tooth Doctor dentists are among the best that Portland Oregon has to offer. We proudly provide a wide range of general dentistry services including dental implants, crowns, sedation dentistry, composite fillings, inlays and onlays, fixed bridges, and mercury-free tooth-colored fillings. We also offer emergency care treatment that is the best in the business.

We at The Emergency Tooth Doctor strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during dental work. With a range of services from pediatric dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, we have the ability to solve any dental issue you may bring to us in a courteous and professional manner.

While patients can choose from a number of dentists, The Emergency Tooth Doctor is hands down the best option. Call or schedule an appointment today and find out for yourself.